Slope Rectification

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Slope Rectification Works

In the past few months, the frequency and intensity of extreme rainfall in Malaysia has worsened. Extreme rainfall due to climate change is expected to become more and more common in the coming years.

Landslides due to extreme rainfall can be damaging not just to property but have also claimed lives.

Slope rectification work presents a set of unique challenges. Some engineering solution may look good and affordable but may only be a temporary short term solution, while others can be over-engineered, impractical and costly.

At Shinei Geotechnique, we have solutions to address your slope rectification works.

Selection of slope rectification works:

Slope Repair at Bukit Tunku
Slope Repair at Bukit Antarabangsa
Berjaya Hill Resort, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang
Slope Repair at Cameron Highlands
Soil Nailing in Tropicana Kajang, Selangor

Top 6 reasons to work with us:

Wide range of design and build geotechnical engineering solutions

Ability to meet your budget and timeline

Quick mobilisation of work force and equipment

Ability to work in limited access workspaces and highly constrained environment

Ability to work on unstable steep slope conditions

Highly skilled work force with proven experience

What our clients say about our work:

  • Shinei Geotechnique came as a personal recommendation. Through the tender process, I got to build a good relationship with Ir Tan Chin Shu, and awarded the the job to him even though there were cheaper option.

The project was well planned and executed to a high standard. The project management, and construction production to tight deadlines were well organised. Engineers and supervisors were professional, showing the care and attention to detail needed for the job.

I would highly recommend Shinei Geotechnique as a contractor for your next project.

Tay Seow Puang - Client

  • Shinei Geotechnique and Ir Tan Chin Shu came as a recommendation through Eriko Motoyama of SlopeWatch. As an owner of with a slope it can be very terrifying to be living next to a slope which may collapse. Whenever it was raining, I could see more and more erosion happening. During the rainy season unusually large volume of water was leaking from weep holes, even after the rain stopped. We started to engage Ir Tan and his team. Thankfully we were able to work with our neighbours to get the issue resolved. Thanks to Ir Tan and his team, who made many visits, a solution was proposed. The work was carried out and the issue was rectified. It can be seen that after the slope was repaired the eroding stopped. It gave me a lot of peace of mind. I am very grateful for the work done by Ir Tan.

Ms Foo - Taman Desa Resident - Client


We've got A's for your Q's

Q: I own a property on a hill and I am concerned about slope stability. How can Shinei Geotechnique help?

A: Shinei Geotechnique has a wealth of experience in slope stabilization. We can evaluate the conditions of your slope and recommend appropriate solutions to prevent landslides and ensure the safety of your property.

Q: I've noticed some land movement on my property. Can Shinei provide a slope investigation service?

A: Yes, Shinei Geotechnique can conduct thorough slope investigations. Our team of professionals will analyze the conditions and provide detailed findings along with recommended remedial measures.

Q: What kind of methods does Shinei Geotechnique use for slope stabilization?

A: We utilize a range of techniques based on the specific needs of the site. These may include soil nails, rock nails, guniting, retaining walls, horizontal and vertical drains and more. Each method is designed to provide the best possible stabilization for your slope.

Q: Can Shinei Geotechnique help if my property is at risk of landslide?

A: Absolutely. Shinei specializes in providing solutions for areas at risk of landslides. Our team can design and implement measures to stabilize the slope, increasing its safety and reducing the risk of landslide.

Q: How does Shinei Geotechnique ensure that their slope stabilization solutions are effective?

A: Our solutions are designed by teams of experienced geotechnical engineers and construction is supervised. We conduct on-going and independent testing and monitoring to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our solutions. We engage professional consultants to endorse construction designs.

Q: Can Shinei Geotechnique provide long-term maintenance for slope stabilization projects?

A: Yes, we can provide long-term monitoring and maintenance to ensure that the slope remains stable and secure. We also partner with instrumentation experts to monitor slope stability. Our team is committed to providing you with peace of mind when it comes to your property's safety.

Q: I am a homeowner and suspect a slope issue on my property. How do I initiate an assessment with Shinei Geotechnique?

A: You can contact us directly at (Whatsapp) +603 5633 4159 or email One of our representatives will schedule a site visit to assess your situation. Following the visit, initial pre-construction assessments, we can propose next steps based on our findings.

Q: What does a site visit from Shinei Geotechnique entail?

A: A site visit involves our team assessing the condition of your slope, understanding your specific concerns, and identifying any noticeable issues. This allows us to provide a preliminary assessment and propose potential solutions.

Q: How does Shinei Geotechnique ensure privacy during residential projects?

A: We understand the importance of privacy for homeowners and ensure that all our operations are carried out with minimal disruption. Our team strictly adheres to agreed-upon schedules and conducts all operations professionally.

Q: We're a Joint Management Committee or Management Office for an apartment block. We have identified a potential structural or slope issue. Can you work with us directly?

A: Yes, we frequently collaborate with Joint Management Committees to address slope issues. We can conduct site visits, provide assessments, and work on the most effective solutions that prioritize the safety of all residents.

Q: I'm an architect and have concerns about a slope on my client's property. Can Shinei Geotechnique work directly with me?

A: Absolutely! We often collaborate with architects to ensure their designs can be safely implemented. We can assist in evaluating the slope, provide a range of possible solutions, and work closely with you throughout the process.

Q: After site visits, how does Shinei Geotechnique decide the most effective method of slope stabilization?

A: We use site investigations and soil reports to understand the underlying conditions and factors causing instability. With this data, our team of experienced geotechnical engineers can design a solution that addresses the specific problems identified.

Q: Can Shinei Geotechnique handle the entire process from design to construction for slope stabilization?

A: Yes, we offer a comprehensive Design & Build service, handling everything from initial site investigation to the completion of construction. This approach can be more efficient and cost-effective, especially for smaller residential projects.

Q: What's the benefit of choosing Design & Build for my slope repair project over the traditional Design, Bid and Build?

A: The Design & Build approach can be faster and more cost-effective. It allows us to handle the entire process, ensuring a seamless transition between each stage and potentially reducing overall project time and costs.

Q: I have a tight timeline for my slope stabilization project. Can Shinei Geotechnique expedite the process?

A: We understand the urgency of these projects and strive to respond as quickly as possible. While maintaining our commitment to safety and quality, we will do our best to accommodate your timeline.

Q: How can Shinei Geotechnique assist me in obtaining professional engineer endorsements for construction drawings?

A: As part of our Design & Build service, we can engage with professional engineers on your behalf. We ensure that all necessary drawings receive the proper endorsements, thus ensuring the design liability is properly addressed.

Q: How quickly can Shinei Geotechnique start work on a slope stabilization project?

A: Our response time depends on the project's complexity and our current workload. However, we understand the urgency of slope stabilization works and aim to start as soon as possible. Contact us at +603 5633 4159 to discuss your needs and get a more accurate timeline.

Q: I have a project that involves stabilizing a large hillside. Can Shinei handle large scale projects?

A: Yes, Shinei Geotechnique is fully equipped to handle large-scale projects typical in Malaysia. No matter the size or complexity of your project, our team has the skills and experience to deliver successful, cost-effective results. We have the necessary equipment for your construction project.

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